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Our team is led by two experienced doctors of dental medicine – Dr. Gregor Stermečki and Dr. Ernesto Nadj. Our specialist succesffully fitted over 15000 implants and with good reason consider implant surgery as a routine action. Our technical laboratories are part of the clinic, which enables us to make the work faster and more efficient, as well as the added value of excellent and direct communication with implantology and prosthetics specialists.


Our team is led by two experienced experienced doctors of dental medicine – dr Gregor Stermečki and dr.Ernesto Nadj .Our specialist successfully placed over 15.000+ implants.

Gregor Stermečki

Doctor of dental medicine

1998. Targis/Vectris, IPS Classic, BPS Biofunctional Prosthetic System Ivoclar/Schaan/Liechtenstein 2010.Laser and basic surgery techniques - Rijeka Theoretical – practical course of implantology - Astra Tech system Opatija 2012. Mini implants in dailybase practice – Rijeka Dental centar Mestre - vertical and horizontal bone augumentation with xenogenic blocks - Mestre, Italy 2012.Morita – ergonomics and workflow for dentists with the treatment concept by Dr. Daryl Beach - Rijeka Kvarnerski dan 2013. - Opatija 2013.Lake Como Institute – an evidence-based educational path in maxillary sinus augumentation: the lateral and crestal approach, Como, Italy 2014.Kvarnerski dan 2014. – Opatija,Bone, Biomaterials & Beyond 2014. – guided bone regeneration symposium – Lido Venice, Italy Kvarnerski dan 2015. – Opatija,2015.Primo studio Paola Pederzoli - Use of Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) in implantology, bone, tissue regeneration and augmentation - the advanced breakthrough in regenerative medicine – Modena, Italy Vita Zahnfabrik VITA Suprinity/Enamic/Vitablocks – Bad Sackingen, Germany Kvarnerski dan 2016. - Opatija 20. day of dentaltechinques – Opatija(2016.) ANKYLOS – congress 2016 – 30 Jahre Ankylos - Frankfurt/Main, Germany Treatment concepts for full-arch reconstruction using contemporary CAD – Cam techniques - Frankfurt/Main, Germany Soft tissue menagment in vertical alveolar ridge augumentation, Frankfurt/Main, Germany Bone, Biomaterials & Beyond 2016. – guided bone regeneration symposium – Alba, Italy Worked using many implant systems : : astra, bredent, ICX, dentium, nobel biocare, denti, straumann, ankylos, mis, neodent, succesfully fitted + 10000 implants Rijeka, prof Rossi, Advanced Surgical Techniques in Hard & Soft Tissue Management Hobies: Skiing - ski instructor ISIA license, hiking, fishing - long-time representative of Croatia and selector of senior surfing casting team of Croatia, underwater fishing - active competitor

dr. Ernesto Nađ

Ernesto Nadj

Specialist of periodontology

Periodontology, Dental Surgery and Facial Aesthetics 2004 - Graduated Dental Medicine in Belgrade (Serbia) 2010 - Prof. Spyros Botos, Dental School of New Jersey University, USA. Implants and prostetics in dentistry 2009 - 2012 - Postgraduate Specialization in periodontology and Oral Medicine at the Dental Faculty of Belgrade 2012 - Maurice A. Salama, University of Pennsylvania - Modern implant therapy - Myths and opportunities 2013. - Prof. Marius Steigman, Soft tissue management 2013. - Marko Nikolic, Belgrade, Split crest From 2010 started following the passion for aesthetics and facial harmony, through continuous education,he deepens his knowledge in non-invasive aesthetic solutions that are offered by state-of-the-art techniques . 2105. - Slovenian Periodontology Days, Bled, Slovenia, Prof. Filippo Graziani, Professor Anton Sculean 2016. - Holds lecture on the application of blood plasma at the International Congress in Opatija organized by the Croatian Society for Facial Aesthetics 2017. - Opatija, prof. Wang, University of Michigan, USA 2017. - Škofja Loka - Snježana Pohl - Partial extraction therapy 2018. - Kvarner Days - Opatija 2018. - Balkan Implant Forum in Belgrade, prof. Jurišić, prof. Andrea Agnini - Digital Dental Revolution 2018. - Rijeka, prof. Rossi, Advanced Surgical Techniques in Hard & Soft Tissue Management He enjoys spending his free time in nature and is actively engaged in sport all of his life . Tennis and water polo are his greatest passion and by the age of 6 already achieved remarkable results. Takes great care of relationships with people to keep more quality and pleasant everyday communication.


Effective teamwork and quality communication with patients can dramatically reduce errors in daily work and increase service quality. That is why every dentist needs his “right hand”, that is, a person who will prepare and plan therapeutic procedures, and then assist the doctor and take care of the patient during and after the therapeutic procedure. Dental Assistant is the person who provides comfort and safety to someone who is nervous when sitting on a dental office chair.

Dorotea Lisac


She graduated from the Medical School in Rijeka as the dental . Then she got employed at the Dental Laboratory Laboratory where, for the first time, she met with the work in the dental laboratory. Soon afterwards she continued to improve in this area and she got employed in the dental clinic where her desire for further training led her to the position of the dental assistant of the surgeon. She gives great attention to sports and has active lifestyle. "I love my job in all its aspects, and I love the fact that I know I helped the patient on his way to a beautiful smile."

Gabrijela Čutul


She graduated at Medical school of Rijeka in 2013. as a nurse .She has done intership in KBC Rijeka for a year.After that she gets employed at the dental center at the position of the dental assistant of the surgeon, where she had worked for three years. In the beginning of 2019,she becomes part of our team at DentalPro and completes our team with its vivid spirit, dedication, thoroughness and greatly contributes to the quality level in providing our services. Her calm approach makes your every stay at our clinic pleasant.


Doktorica Maja Sekulić i suprug Mitar projektirali su oazu i ponosno Vam žele predstaviti odabrani tim koji djeli jednu viziju: raditi naprednu stomatologiju i estetiku u harmoničnom ambijentu gdje ćemo razvijati predivne odnose sa kolegama i pacijentima u cilju pružanja vrhunskog svakodnevnoga iskustva.

Valentina Tonković

Glavni tehničar laboratorija

“Smile is the most powerful weapon that opens all doors”. Smile is the most beautiful prize. Smile is free and does wonders ". It is my pleasure to contribute to the patient's health through my work. Besides health and aesthetics,I do my best to return the patients beauty and the most important - lost self-confidence. My personal goal is achieved every time i see the patients satisfied smile. As a member of Dentalpro Team, I try to keep up with new trends, ways of working, systems, and digitization that has entered the dental medicine at a great gateway. High aesthetics is not an impossibile and far-reaching goal. After completing my education at the medical school in Rijeka, I completed intership and passed state exam, I worked in three dental laboratories. At the very beginning my mentors saw that the best thing to do for me ere my work on ceramics, and in this direction my interest started. I am happy with my work, and the very fact that my work is important part of patients smile encourages me to be even better and more educated. Restoring the smile on the patient's face is a product of symbiosis of doctor and a technician and only the right communication between three people gives the perfect results : PATIENT – DOCTOR - TECHNICIAN .

Paula Aldin

Dentalni tehničar

She is fully committed to the job she does, always looking towards the best results and new challenges. She respects fair and correct working environment, and looks forward to being part of such a team .

Nataša Gunjević

Dentalni tehničar

2013. Graduated at the Medical School in Rijeka .After that she got employed in a dental laboratory where she attended internship. After graduation, continues working at the dental clinics where she got experience in ceramic . Her goal is to restore smile on the patients face .


Martina Karić

First smile you see…

„Happiness depends upon ourselves“ .She studied languages .From 2006. She is at the patients disposal. In dailybase takes care about patients inquiries.Her smile is the first you see entering Dentalpro clinic on behalf all the team. She works on optimizing the information flow and has an irreplaceable role in facilitating team communication.Spending time with her family in nature and biking are her favorite ways to spend time with her family and friends.

Pamela Vrzić

Official translator

With love, organization and creativity, you can get everything. "Pamela finished all of the Italian schools in Rijeka, and graduated at the Faculty of Communication in Trieste," Communication. "Communicative and open, creative and she gives great importance to details. She has passion for exploring see depts from early age with and spendsher free time on technical diving.



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