2D / 3D dental diagnostics

Precision dental diagnostics is the only way to a more attractive smile!

State-of-the-art technology is the standard requirement set by our team of experts

Our desire to ensure total patient comfort and satisfaction is the reason that it is vital we provide all of the necessary imaging within our Clinic. DentalPro disposes of the Planmeca ProMax® hi-tech dental imaging device which enables us to provide fast and safe, high-quality digital panoramic and 3D imaging. Applying the proprietary Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocol allows for CBCT imaging at significantly reduced levels of radiation than the standard, without the loss of image quality.  

ADVANTAGES OF STATE-OF-THE-ART DENTAL DIAGNOSTICS Quality 3D imaging is the first step in the planning of all implant procedures performed at DentalPro Clinic, giving our experts an exact overview of the state of both bone and soft tissue before they commit to a course of treatment. 

All of our dental offices are equipped with ProX RTG – Planmeca digital x-ray units. These devices are linked to computers, allowing our expert staff to take quick images of the individual positioning of our patient’s teeth. We guarantee images of exceptional quality. 

We take each step in the process very seriously and diagnostics is the foundation that will determine the quality of our work which is why we strive for a high standard at this stage.

The development of modern technologies has been monumental in terms of assisting diagnostic processes within the field of dentistry. Ensuring that a detailed medical history is available and conducting dental examinations including proper x-rays are key to providing quality prosthetic treatment. By using 3D x-rays, the possibility that complications should arise is reduced to the absolute minimum. For this reason, the expert staff at DentalPro Clinic approach each patient individually, to provide a detailed outline of the course of treatment defined on the basis of his/her desires as well as all available options.



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