Implantology is the branch of dentistry dedicated to dental implants

Implant systems with a thirty-year history

Dental implants offer a long-term and reliable solution which fulfil both functional and high-quality aesthetic criteria whereby one or multiple missing teeth are replaced. Dental implants are a sure way to a radiant smile.


These implants are high-quality, titanium dental screws manufactured from biocompatible materials, surgically implanted into the bone and serve as a base for replaced teeth. Once inserted, the implant helps to sustain and stimulate the surrounding bone thereby preventing reabsorption of the bone which may be the result of the loss of a tooth. The procedure is pain-free and safe for the patient, performed under a local anaesthetic, all in just one visit. After the procedure a certain amount of recovery time is determined in order for successful osteointegration to take place, and in order for the patient to continue to receive prosthetic work. During this period, the tooth may be temporarily replaced. Collaboration with the patient is vital, as proper hygiene is the foundation for successful and long-term prosthetic work where implants are in question.


Before receiving dental implants, a detailed analysis of the patient’s particular case is conducted by our team of experts. First, 3D scans are taken via the most state-of-the-art CT equipment manufactured by Planmeca, which allow for insight into the state of bone tissue and necessary in order to perform the implantation. Next, based on these analyses and the reviewed parameters required for successful implantation, an individual treatment plan is created whereby the patient is made aware of the duration of the treatment and is provided with a detailed financial plan.


A safe and reliable solution which has been available to patients for over 50 years now – a large number of patients choose this life-improving option. Under the right conditions, that is, when implants are received under quality conditions and in combination with excellent hygiene, they can last a life-time.

At the DentalPro Clinic, we provide implant systems that have a thirty-year history and supported by numerous clinical trials. Assured dental implant quality is fundamental to ensuring successful outcomes.



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