Treating periodontics is completely pain-free.

Periodontics is a branch of dentistry which deals with the treatment of supporting structures of teeth – the periodontium.

The periodontium consists of the gums – gingivae, bone and ligaments which connect the tooth to the bone. Periodontal disease is the most widely spread disease today and without proper treatment it leads to tooth loss. It is the most common reason for tooth loss in those over 40.

More than 90% of people do not maintain proper oral hygiene, cleaning dental plaque in 70% of the population is not done properly and is not sufficiently looked into, which leads to periodontitis.

Maintaining good dental hygiene means that that teeth are cleaned thoroughly at least twice a day, for at least three minutes. Regular and professional removal of deposits may prevent the formation of plaque, which may eventually lead to various conditions resulting in receding gums, loose teeth and finally tooth loss.

Treating periodontitis is completely pain-free.

In order to maintain the health of the teeth, it is important to receive the right treatment by an expert and experienced healthcare professional specialised in periodontics. When patients fail to get the right treatment they are prone to tooth loss, despite going for regular check-ups.

Before having any prosthetics, work done, it is extremely important that proper periodontics preparation is undergone on the roots of the teeth intended to support crowns in order to avoid complications and inflammation once bridges are made, thereby extending the lifespan of these costly prosthetics.

Gum bleeding is an indicator of inflammation and it is very important to see a competent professional in order to resolve the issue properly as periodontitis advances without the patient feeling any pain or without any complications, until tooth loss ensues.

The disease itself has multiple stages, and in each phase, therapy is 100% successful and may be conservative or surgical, depending on how advanced the particular condition is.

The sooner you make an appointment, the easer your therapy will be and treatment will also be more affordable and easier.

If you collaborate with your dentist and have your teeth checked twice a year, success is guaranteed.

If you notice any change to the gums or bleeding, our inhouse Periodontist is here to properly resolve any issues you may have.

Regular visits to your dentist are useful in ensuring a timely diagnoses in terms of the various illnesses which may arise in the oral cavity.



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