Prosthetics: dental bridges/ceramic crowns

Ensuring functionality, phonation and a radiant smile

Individual approach and dedication means finding solutions for even the most difficult of cases
Because of the extensive know-how and experience of our dentists, and the use of the best materials manufactured by the most renowned producers as well as our individualised approach, we are able to find solutions for even the most complex cases in order to enhance functionality, phonation to provide a radiant smile.




A suitable solution when fixed replacements are not an option.


Dental bridges replace multiple missing teeth, and are connected by crowns positioned in a dental arch, additionally supported by the surrounding teeth. A dental bridge may be cemented onto natural teeth or implants. Proper distribution of force while chewing makes it a reliable solution that provides patients with the feeling of having a natural set of teeth.


A fixed prosthetic replacement most commonly used in stomatology, is one of the most efficient ways to cover damaged teeth.  Our tooth preparation experts, use a special trimming method called “step trimming”, which requires a great deal of skill and increases the quality of all prosthetic work done by our team. After trimming, an impression of the tooth is taken using high quality materials, enabling precise reproduction of the remaining structure (tooth) and the surrounding tissue in order to create precise, natural and functional prosthetics in the lab. While a permanent bridge is being made, temporary crowns or a temporary bridge can be placed over the trimmed teeth, providing protection.


Have been available on the market for many years, one of their key characteristics being their durability. The base of these crowns is comprised of a metal alloy, coated entirely with a ceramic layer. DentalPro’s laboratory is equipped with a Sisma laser 3D printer, which expedites the process of teeth fabrication and enables the digital construction of metal parts, providing high quality and precision.


Zirconium is a top quality, metal-free material, and therefore transparent and translucent, providing patients with exceptionally beautiful and natural looking teeth. Its durability makes it very sturdy which is why a significantly smaller surface of the teeth requires trimming with these types of crowns.   The biocompatibility of the material completely eliminates the possibility of causing irritation to the surrounding tissue. The best solution in terms of achieving an aesthetically-pleasing look and exceptional durability.


Non-metalic ceramics is certainly the pinnacle of aesthetic stomatology. These crowns completely imitate the natural characteristics of teeth and are translucent which makes them an ideal solution for the aesthetic zone.   High-level resistance to external factors and durability are key characteristics of this biocompatible material. Precise processing ensures the right fit onto the remaining tooth, preventing any sharp edges from ensuing, thus allowing for better oral hygiene and guaranteed longevity. Non-metalic ceramics can perfectly mimic the former condition of the teeth. With the combination of this material and our technicians’ skills, we are able to fulfil all of our patients’ demands.



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