Service: All-on-four / All-on-six

An innovative solution and a safe dental arch restoration technique

Dental arch rehabilitation with only four or six implants
With the All-on-four treatment concept, modern dentistry has taken a leap forward in solving the issues surrounding Edentulism (the condition of being toothless). The All-on-four solution is proven for edentulous patients and can be inserted into both the upper and lower jaws.


The procedure is easy and quick (same-day), with the expertise of DentalPro surgeons this ground breaking technique will given you the type of smile you have always wanted. A long-term solution, advantageous as it is founded on the principle of attaching the entire dental arch to prosthetic screws, which allow for easy access and damage-free repair. We provide our patients with fully functional arches and fantastic aesthetic results after just one visit!


Quality diagnostics determine the ideal positioning of the 4 implants onto which the entire dental arch is immediately attached using prosthetic screws. Our prosthetic dental arches are manufactured in our state-of-the-art equipped laboratory. The actual procedure is minimally invasive, recovery time is minimal, and this concept allows for the patient the immediate full use of the prosthetic.

During your first visit, we will recommend the most appropriate course of treatment, taking into consideration your needs and the ideal way in which we can return a smile to your face as soon as possible.

One of the methods used to achieve functionality and aesthetics in a very short period of time is known as the All-on-6* concept. Similar to the All-on-4 technique, this concept requires six implants instead of four in order to achieve more stability and longevity.

There have been great strides in dentistry over the past years and as a result, all dental issues affecting teeth, gums and bone now have adequate solutions. DentalPro Clinic monitors trends and integrates innovative solutions into our work, providing our patients with exceptional service and the highest degree of dedication to our patients’ individual needs.



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