Facial aesthetics

Plasmage technology

A new tool in dermatology and medical aesthetics Offers non-invasive treatments for the removal of excess sagging skin and replaces...

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Hyaluronic fillers

Aliaxin hyaluronic acid filler treatments are a safe way to restore a youthful appearance In addition to skin revitalisation, they...

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Vistabel Botox provides visible results Botox does not affect the sensory nerves nor does it cause facial numbness. This extremely...

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Forlle’d cosmetics

Consistency especially comfortable to touch and perfect absorption are the basic features of this product line! Famous Forlled regenerative cosmetic...

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Plasma Treatment. This innovative procedure helps achieve skin rejuvenation and the regeneration of skin tissue PRP Treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma...

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Thread lifting

Safe skin rejuvenation method This treatment is completely pain-free and the patient may return to his/her daily activities immediately after...

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Chemical peel

SKINTECH peels are among the world’s leading chemical peels in terms of effectiveness Peels remove dry, dead cells, exfoliate the...

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Scientific works recognized that with our cocktails the production of collagen increases 9 times and elastin 14 times. Restore skin...

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