SKINTECH peels are among the world’s leading chemical peels in terms of effectiveness

Peels remove dry, dead cells, exfoliate the skin, giving a fresh, radiant appearance.

Professional peels are a combination of fruit acids and are extremely concentrated and effective. Peels can also remove minor wrinkles as well as pigmentation, i.e. spots, especially on the surface layers of the skin. In this way, chemical peels even out the skin and complexion.

Excellent results are achieved after peel therapy in persons with oily and combination skin, as well as those with skin inflammation and active acne.

Chemical peels remove the superficial, damaged layer of the skin. After treatment, the skin peels off and new, fresh skin develops. This allows for the complete skin regeneration and a revitalised, fresh appearance. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, is pain-free, with the patient feeling warmth on the skin only during treatment. After the peel, new skin emerges which is light pink in colour and supple. This new skin is sensitive to the sun, which is why treatment is not performed during summer months.

Due to their unique patented formula, SKINTECH peels allow for extreme control of how deep the effects of the peel will be, which is especially important in terms of patient safety and in order to achieve even results across the entire face. In addition, the even penetration of the peel into the deeper layers of the skin guarantees maximum effect in all layers of the treated skin. Experts at the Dentalpro Clinic will choose the appropriate type of peel and since it is possible to choose combinations of various acids, there is a customised approach suited to various types of skin conditions.

SKINTECH peels are among the world’s top-quality peels in terms of effectiveness. Healthy, smooth and radiant skin as well as the disappearance of wrinkles create a youthful appearance and skin which is extremely supple to the touch.



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