Consistency especially comfortable to touch and perfect absorption are the basic features of this product line!

Famous Forlled regenerative cosmetic line

You can try the famous Forlled regenerative cosmetic line with a formula approved by Japanese scientist Makoto Hatto, the Nobel Prize winner for biochemistry. Line exclusivity lies in a unique technology in the world that parses hyaluronic molecules with nano-technology that makes them so small that it penetrates deep into the skin with all of its complex of active ingredients .

For now, FORLLE’D remains the only manufacturer in the market that, thanks to the patented formula, can act deeper instead of remaining on the surface layer of the skin, which can only be achieved by injecting hyaluronic fillers .

There are lines for all skin types, a common feature is consistency that is particularly comfortable to the touch and absorbs perfectly. FORLLE’D significantly improves skin quality and results are amazing when combined with hyaluronic fillers or Botox, with up to 50% improvement in results . FORLLE’D Cosmetics is a novelty for our market, which has,thanks to its outstanding performance and quality, already found its place in the best clinics and cosmetic salons and the most exclusive world resorts (Emirates Palace – Dubai).



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